Friday, January 7, 2011

Should we?

I'm feeling a bit down about how this book club has turned out.
It really did not get off the ground the way I was hoping.  So, now here I am in 2011, and I am wondering if I should open this a bit as an online book club?

So what I think I will do, is post the title for what was suppose to have been the Nov 2010 book selection for Reflections Book Club (Thunder Bay)  now, as the new Feb 2011 selection.

Originally, I was wanting to do a mini-Jane Austen (3 months/3 books) for the kick off of 2011 but... anyways... If you stumble across this blog and want to chime in,  the Feb 2011 selection (which is when I'll have a small break in my books I do for review in order to read for fun) will be... Cleaving by Julie Powell