Saturday, April 23, 2011

June 2011 selection

The June 2011 selection is Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice. 
Originally written in 1988

Genre- Paranormal/Fiction/Horror. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

Category - Memoir.

This is the follow up to Eat Pray Love   but totally stands on it's own feet.

Half a history lesson on marriage, half a personal expression of self discovery, this lends itself to eight chapters of confusion.

We are invited into about 14 months of the author's life as she waits out a very trying time in her love life.   The engagement between herself and her soon to be husband Felipe whom she met while traveling during her time writing Eat Pray Love.   This is an engagement neither of them wanted but were forced into by the U.S.A. government.
In order for Felipe to stay in the US, they need to be married.  In order to be allowed to be married, both have to have background checks.  Which takes months, and during that time, Felipe is not allowed to step foot on American soil.

There are a lot of statistics and reports from universities quoted and discussed weaved in with her own mother's personal history, as well as what the author witnessed first hand while traveling.  All of which leaves you feeling like you just sat through Women's Lib 101.

I found over the course of the few days I was reading this, that I went through every emotion you could imagine, from fear to anger to disbelief.   It opens your eyes to the idea of marriage and what it really means.  On all fronts.  From how the government has it's hand in your marriage to how religion has molded itself around pre-existing marriages.

The biggest question I came away from this book having was  what would I be expected to bring to a marriage ?  The answers I came up with were startling.

As with Eat Pray Love,   Committed  serves up a large plate of  am I ready to do this?  and who am I if I don't?